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Therese Kopin is a New York City based photographer who shoots editorial, promotion, and public relations assignments. Over the past ten years she has primarily focused her career on photographing corporate events. In 1991, Therese began covering events editorially for Adweek and Mediaweek magazines (a relationship that still exists today). Through out the next few years she began receiving assignments from other magazines and media. Therese has developed her own unique style for photographing events that includes a very quick, unobtrusive, but friendly manner. She sees each assignment as a challenge to create exciting images while at the same time meeting the needs of the client. Clients that have worked with Therese over the years are impressed with her technical finesse, her ability to quickly capture moments as they unfold, as well as her skills in creatively staging images. Therese is an enthusiastic photographer with high energy who is easy to work with.

Therese has also achieved success with her personal work. While attending the School of Visual Arts she met Andy Grundberg who was the Photo Critic for the New York Times. She began assisting Andy in projects in which he had taken on the role of curator. After graduating from SVA, Therese taught there for five years. She instructed students in the darkroom on the fine art of black and white printing. She has been granted many awards for her artwork, which has been internationally exhibited and published. Three of her personal favorites are those that have been published on book covers: Primo Levi's The Drowned and the Saved, and William Styron's Sophie's Choice and Lie Down in Darkness. Today, Therese spends most of her creative energies on corporate events and portraits. But on the side, she always has personal projects that she can't resist delving into.

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